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Adoption Finalization Contract

Tails High cat(s) must be spayed or neutered prior to finalizing their adoption. If the surgery has not been performed, please contact us: meow@tailshigh.org.



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Ongoing health issues in cat 1
Most cats do not have any health issues, so most adopters can leave this field blank.
If our adoption team has explained chronic illness, FIV+ status, blindness, intestinal issues, amputated limbs, or other physical ailments this cat has, please note that here.

Terms of Adoption

1. The cat's known background and medical history have been discussed with the New Owner. Tails High, Inc. (THI) is not responsible for any medical or behavioral conditions that may arise after the adoption date. I agree to hold harmless and indemnify THI from any injuries, health problems or loss sustained by me, my owned animals, or other persons or animals, and which may be caused by the cat(s) I have adopted.

2. THI is not responsible for any expense (veterinary or other) incurred after the adoption date.

3. New Owner will take the cat to a licensed veterinarian within one year of the animal's last visit, as documented in the cat's medical history. New Owner will provide all required veterinary care, including routine exams and vaccinations. New Owner understands that cat care may average approximately $400 annually, not including emergency veterinarian care.

4. If not already altered, New Owner will have the cat altered by the age of four months.

5. The cat is being adopted for companionship purposes only.

6. New Owner will not sell, trade or abandon this cat. New Owner will not surrender this cat to any animal control facility. If New Owner is unable or unwilling to continue to care for this cat, the cat will be returned to Tails High, Inc.

7. New Owner affirms that s/he has never been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect or abandonment.

8. The adoption fee is not refundable in any part.

9. THI may inquire about the cat at any time after the adoption.

10. Failure to comply with any of the above terms of adoption may result in being asked to return the cat to THI.

Cat Care Pledge

• As the New Owner of the above-named cat, I promise to:

• Treat the cat with love and affection and do my best to ensure the cat's safety and well-being.

• Feed on a regular schedule and provide fresh water, clean litter and proper ventilation at all times.

• Give the cat access to the inside of my home at all times and not let the cat outside unsupervised.

• Never physically or emotionally abuse the cat or allow anyone else to do so.

• Failure to comply with any of the above may result in being asked to return the cat to Tails High, Inc.

Adoption payment options*
Please print a copy of this contract for your records

Adoption Finalization Code (if one given to you by Tails High)

Tails High is requesting your contact information for the purpose of processing the adoption finalization and communicating with you regarding medical records for your adopted cat(s). Tails High does not release, share, or sell adopter contact information. You may, if you prefer, print the finalization form and send the completed form along with a check for the adoption fee via US mail to:

Tails High, Inc.
708 Timber Branch Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302