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PomPom's Story

Little PomPom was surrendered to a shelter, where the shelter staff quickly realized that the friendly little gray & white cat was very sick. In addition to discovering that she'd suffered a traumatic injury to her backside along the spine, at nearly 1 year of age she had not yet been spayed. The vets were concerned and immediately operated to spay her, and when they did their fears were confirmed. PomPom had breast cancer. The mass was removed and everyone crossed their fingers, but sadly the cancer turned out to be aggressive. The shelter contacted Tails High, and we agreed to take PomPom in for what we expected would be hospice care. To the surprise of everyone involved though, PomPom's health stabilized. Our plans shifted from hospice care to permanent foster, as it is expected that the cancer will return; and she required daily medication. The little purr-monster never let that bother her though, and all who met her declared her to be one of the friendliest, sweetest cats they'd ever met. We didn't anticipate that anyone would be willing to take on a cat with this kind of prognosis, and then along came a wonderful woman named Philippa who is herself a young breast cancer survivor. She heard about PomPom from a friend who knew of the situation, and immediately wanted to meet her. It was love at first sight for them both, and today PomPom has a new home where she is happy and loved, and in turn brings happiness and love to her person.

Please spay your cat promptly - un-spayed female cats are at a significantly higher risk for breast cancer than their counterparts who were spayed prior to their first cycle. Mammary cancer is the 3rd most common illness reported in cats, and it is also one of the most easily prevented.

Kitten season started late this year!

Maybe because we had such a cold winter but it has now exploded! Shelters and concerned citizens in Virginia, Maryland, DC and neighboring states have been asking for help with all the kittens who have already been born, and new ones are being born daily. Without at least a few more kitten foster homes we are only able to take in a couple litters at a time. Are you willing to help by temporarily housing two or more kittens? Are you an experienced or novice kitten foster willing to care for some very cute little babies for at least a couple weeks at a time? You would work under our guidance and we'll teach you what you'll need to know. Email meow@tailshigh.org or call 703-819-5240 if you want more information about joining the Tails High Foster Team!

Donate by shopping through Adopt-A-Shelter.com. It doesn't cost you any extra and the online stores where you shop will donate a percentage of your purchase back to Tails High. You can select from a massive list of participating stores which includes Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Click on the logo below or go directly to the Adopt-A-Shelter.com site and select Tails High from the list of participating shelters.

Once again we are listed as an authorized charity with the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNA). This is a wonderful way to help us help the kitties all year long.

The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNA) is the only authorized charitable-giving drive for Federal employees in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and the State Department employees overseas.

When making a designation in the 2013 campaign please think of our kitties, our CFC code is 23910 and our overhead is 0.0%.

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After eight very successful years, Creme de la Cat has closed their doors. They have supported Tails High since our inception in 2009 and we're very sad to see them go. Best wishes to Ernie, Terry, and her husband in their retirement.


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